I was doing some shopping for my gran today and was in a supermarket, it was kind of warm outside so I had on jeans and a Game of Thrones t-shirt (I’m diehard like that ha). So I was at the cash register and waiting on my turn and these two guys came up behind me and started putting their stuff up on the counter, they both looked at my t-shirt and smiled at each other. I thought they were a bit strange but THEN one of them stepped closer and said “Valar Morghulis” and I immediately turned round and one of them said they liked my t-shirt and how they didn’t think I would watch thrones and I said that it was my favourite thing and that I love the books too. So we had a chat for around 3 or 4 mins about Thrones then one of them said, no word of a lie, “your like my dream girl”

Yeah, so that’s the story of how a Game of Thrones reference turned into a pick up line






See.. Perfection

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